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Asda launches Asian clothing line

September 14th, 2009

salwar-kameez-ns503As part of the George clothing line, Asda has launched its first Asian clothing range today. The launch has been initiated due to the demand from its Asian customers.  After collaborating with a team in India, the clothes have been made with authentic Indian materials to suit all cultures and not just those from an Asian background.

The collection includes the traditional suit known as shalwaar kameez which consists of 3 pieces - kurta (tunic), churidar (slim trousers) and dapata (scarf). The cost of a complete suit is up to £26.

Asda has seen a 46% increase in its ethnic food range and expects to see a build-up in demand for the coming Eid and Diwali celebrations. Their predictions are helped by the positive start of the Bollywood inspired collection being sold by its parent company, Wal-mart Canada.

Asian wedding stages

September 9th, 2009

stageUpon entering the main wedding hall, the first thing you will lay your eyes on is the main stage. This is where the bride and groom will be sat for the most part of the wedding so it’s one area upon which all eyes will be fixed throughout the event. At the centre of this elevated area there is a big seat for the bride and groom accompanied by smaller chairs on each side for guests.

This scene will be on all the pictures and will be in everyone’s memory so the nicer the stage, the more the guests will have to appreciate and remember.

Stages can vary in colour scheme and to add to the picture, the use of coloured lighting is something that could look beautiful. The co-ordination of the colours used with the bride or grooms wedding outfit could also be something to really show people how much thought has gone into it.

Free advertisement on Your Asian Link

July 6th, 2009

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As the wedding season is now in full swing, businesses need as much exposure as possible so couldn’t be a better place to start. We’re also still part of the world economic crisis so yet again it’s worth while advertising your Asian business for free.

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Wedding Entertainment

April 2nd, 2009

dancingWith the season changing and the temperature slowly creeping up, start expecting those summer wedding invitations to come through.

Something Your Asian Link thinks is important during these weddings is the music which the organiser is responsible for. Different stages of the wedding day require different types of songs for example, at the begining of an Asian wedding there is the entrance music to think about.

It’s also important to get the music right at the time when people are eating their food. Now there have been times where a live band has been playing. This can be an enjoyable feature but some may find the music to be too loud. Whilst eating your food you don’t want the music to be too loud or too fast. Let the people enjoy their food and have a chat amongst themselves but on the other hand if theres no music at all then your guests may start to get bored.

After food people either like to watch a good dance or to have a good dance, so up-beat and high tempo songs are good towards the end.

Dubai Fashion Week

March 3rd, 2009

dubaif fashion weekDubai is set to see the launch of the 5th season of its fashion week in the month of April this year. Dubai fashion week is to be held in the Godolphin Ballroom within the Jumeirah Emirates Towers during the 5th and 9th April. The event will be a way for local and regional designers from Dubai to showcase their talent and to express themselves as serious contenders in the fashion industry.

Last season was a small insight into how much talent exists in the Middle East and with the new season of designs ready for launch, the industry is buzzing with anticipation. Expect around 30 designers to display their latest designs with entries including Reem Ali Beljafia, Hatem Alakeel and Salma Khan. Dubai fashion week is continuing to attract young and emerging designers which is generating publicity and increasing revenue for the fashion industry.

The show is also seen as a good opportunity for communication between designers and buyers.